Competence Areas

Supervision and Traceability

Orange Informatica is able to activate the entire management of a complete supervision and traceability system on existing lines by integrating the necessary hardware and software.

The platform uses Visual Studio .Net technology and boasts important installations at some leaders in the Oil and Gas sectorLukoil, Gazprom). The absence of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) products on the market brings the natural advantage of complete control over the tools used to create supervision and management systems for automatic plants in the industrial environment, without any technical or commercial limitations.


With the mentioned platform it is possible to:

  • Communicate with any PLC model and brand.
  • Communicate with any peripheral device with a non-Ethernet interface by implementing its communication protocol (Connector) and converting the communication to TCP/IP.
  • Implement any additional functionality required.
  • Supervise any type of machine and plant.
  • Use the remote supervision system with Internet connections via VPN.
  • Define any control logic for the machine or plant.
  • Plan, organise, manage and control multiple production orders with a simple and effective interface.
  • Monitor plants with three-dimensional and therefore more realistic graphics.