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Automatic warehouses


We have always produced 2nd level software for automatic warehouses with Handling, Stacker Cranes, Shuttles, Satellites and other types of machines. We also deal with the electrical design and PLC software development of the above-mentioned machines.

The design and development of the components have always been carried out to ensure the replicability of the applications on various types of automatic warehouses, minimising the need to write new code and start-up times.


The main packages implemented manage the following functions:

Electrical design: definition of electrical specifications and selection of hardware components.

PLC programming: development, analysis and testing for machine automation.

Warehouse Mapping: application useful for self-learning the dimensions of the warehouse cells, it controls the movement of the same machines (Stacker-Crane, Overhead Crane, Lifter, Shuttle, Satellite, etc.) that will be used for logistics.

Operator Panel: HMI interface used for:

  • Machine parameterization
  • Changing machine status
  • Manual machine handling
  • Consultation of machine status
  • Consultation of missions status

WCS (Warehouse command system): Handling management via missions controlled directly by the PLCs on-board the machines.

WMS (Warehouse management system)): Logistics management system for handling LUs (Load Units) controlled through WCS.

Synoptic-Layout: Application which, by communicating with WCS, allows the
real-time graphic display of the movement of machines and LUs within the automated warehouse. Thanks to WPF technologies , we can have 2D and 3D synoptics.

Data reporting: Logistics analysis reports based on the interpretation of low-level data generated by each individual component of the automated warehouse.

Host Module: Connection between the WMS and the modules of the customer company's information system.


The most commonly used data exchange technologies are:

  • Structured text files such as XML files, CSV, JSON
  • Border tables on databases
  • Communication via Socket/TCP-IP connection
  • Web service

Supervision and Traceability

Orange Informatica is able to activate the entire management of a complete supervision and traceability system on existing lines by integrating the necessary hardware and software.

The platform uses Visual Studio .Net technology and boasts important installations at some leaders in the Oil and Gas sectorLukoil, Gazprom). The absence of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) products on the market brings the natural advantage of complete control over the tools used to create supervision and management systems for automatic plants in the industrial environment, without any technical or commercial limitations.


With the mentioned platform it is possible to:

  • Communicate with any PLC model and brand.
  • Communicate with any peripheral device with a non-Ethernet interface by implementing its communication protocol (Connector) and converting the communication to TCP/IP.
  • Implement any additional functionality required.
  • Supervise any type of machine and plant.
  • Use the remote supervision system with Internet connections via VPN.
  • Define any control logic for the machine or plant.
  • Plan, organise, manage and control multiple production orders with a simple and effective interface.
  • Monitor plants with three-dimensional and therefore more realistic graphics.

Warehouse logistics management

Due to our long experience in logistics/business computerisation, we have developed a platform for departmental logistics management. By setting specific parameters, it can be used for the field in which the customer operates.

OXIA is an extremely advanced supervision software that can be fully integrated with all company information systems. The management of three levels of sub-codes per reference allows the management of batches with a total and precise trace of the material in the warehouse, through parameters such as production date, batch number, handling date and much more.

By using OXIA on Android mobile devices, it is possible to perform its functions autonomously, with extreme ease and from any place in the warehouse.


OXIA is able to manage:

  • Receipt of goods
  • Management of production batches
  • Identification of the best handling strategies
  • Preparation of orders
  • Inventory checks and statistical analysis
  • Integration with all management systems
  • Picking list
  • Article recognition via RFID, barcode, QR code (also with Android mobile devices)
  • Visual warehouse mapping
  • Printing of labels and delivery notes with any printer
  • Management of Incoming areas, shipments, quality control, etc.
  • Management and control of goods flows
  • Integration with WCS of automated warehouses to be managed in conjunction with static warehouses

Automatic distribution systems

We develop software on a PC platform for the integrated management of production lines, mainly consisting of the following types


  • Automatic and optimized cutting machines
  • Inspection machines for quality control
  • Belts for horizontal transport
  • Conveyor systems in general
  • Packaging machines
  • Automatic machines for identification with barcode or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reading
  • Sorting machines
  • Automatic labellers
  • Laser and ink-jet markers
  • Vision systems management


In addition to all the applications and products described, we also take care of the design, hardware supply and software supply in order to modernise old installations and improve their efficiency by meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Our company can provide all services for a complete turnkey