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Job Offer for Software Developer

Do you have a good knowledge of programmazione ad oggettithat is flexible to the latest changes?

Do you know or would like to learn in depth:

  • New Microsoft technologies such as .NET, WPF technologies, WCF for the development of smart applications for the management of cutting edge automated systems
  • SQL database-oriented languages (SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite etc.)
  • Use of graphical frameworks indirizzati allo sviluppo di interfaccia utente come Java rx, WPF, Android o UIKit (ecc) per lo sviluppo di sinottici in tempo reale;

Required profile:

  • Technical Diploma (computer science) and/or Engineering Degree (computer science)
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English

Working experience in the above fields is not essential.

The company is committed to training new technicians who are willing to expand their knowledge.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Job Offer for Control Engineer

Are you or would you like to become an Automation Technician/PLC Programmer?

The professional figure required will be responsible for:

  • Drafting and defining technical documentation of machine/plant specifications and user manuals;
  • Designing and drafting of schemi elettrici in EPLAN nel settore automazione industriale secondo normative internazionali;
  • PLC and HMI software design and programming;
  • Internal testing e/o messa in funzione delle macchine presso l’impianto;

Required profile:

  • Technical Diploma (electrical, electronic, automation, computer science, ...) and/or Degree in Engineering (electronic, electrical, automation, computer science, ...)
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English

The candidate will be expected to work first alongside senior colleagues and then independently on the activities and/or projects that will be assigned to him/her.

Work experience in the above-mentioned fields is not essential. The company appreciates the desire and enthusiasm to learn the working techniques.

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