Competence Areas

Warehouse Logistics Management

Due to our long experience in logistics/business computerisation, we have developed a platform for departmental logistics management. By setting specific parameters, it can be used for the field in which the customer operates.

OXIA is an extremely advanced supervision software that can be fully integrated with all company information systems. The management of three levels of sub-codes per reference allows the management of batches with a total and precise trace of the material in the warehouse, through parameters such as production date, batch number, handling date and much more.

By using OXIA on Android mobile devices, it is possible to perform its functions autonomously, with extreme ease and from any place in the warehouse.


OXIA is able to manage:

  • Receipt of goods
  • Management of production batches
  • Identification of the best handling strategies
  • Preparation of orders
  • Inventory checks and statistical analysis
  • Integration with all management systems
  • Picking list
  • Article recognition via RFID, barcode, QR code (also with Android mobile devices)
  • Visual warehouse mapping
  • Printing of labels and delivery notes with any printer
  • Management of Incoming areas, shipments, quality control, etc.
  • Management and control of goods flows
  • Integration with WCS of automated warehouses to be managed in conjunction with static warehouses